Jurassic Stark Face Mask Washable

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✅ Printed in the USA – Fast Shipping

✅ Reusable, machine-washable.

Jurassic Stark Face Mask Reusable, Washable

Product Detail:

  • Printed in the USA.
  • Comfy two layer protective face mask with black soft stretch ear straps.
    – Inside layer consists of soft & cozy ultra breathable nylon spandex.
    – Outer layer consists of anti microbial micro knit polyester.
  • Reusable, machine-washable.
  • Waterproof, breathable.
  • One size fits all.
  • Black elastic ear loops.
  • Outer layer designed for printing photo quality artwork.
  • Non-medical grade, not intended for clinical use
Jurassic Stark face mask
Jurassic Stark face mask

Dieter Stark was appointed by InGen as the second commander of Tembo. He only appeared in movies. Despite being his second commander, Tembo does not respect Stark as much as Ajay Sidhu. Stark is cruel to dinosaurs, mainly Compsognathus. In his introductory scene, Stark fears a Compsognathus by attacking it with a taser. When the protagonists free the dinosaurs captured by hunters and Tembo discovers everything, he angrily tells Stark that this is the last time he leaves him responsible. Shortly thereafter, T. rexes attacked the mobile laboratory and the hunters had to rescue the heroes, Stark and Nick Van Owen into a brief fight. However, now that both groups are lost on an island full of dangerous prehistoric creatures, they are reluctant to join forces to survive and escape. After being separated from the others, he is attacked by a group of Compsognathus. After being chased across a river, Stark was eventually killed and eaten by the Compsognathus package. After walking for a long time, Tembo went looking for him, and after returning to the camp without Stark, was asked if he would find him. Tembo replied, “Just the parts they didn’t like.” Stark is played by Peter Stormare. His death reflects the death of John Hammond in the original novel. His last name is not mentioned verbally in the film, but the credits have listed it.

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